Central Coast Notary Public

"I take pride in serving each client with integrity and individualized care." -Sandra A. Sansoni

California Seal Sandra loves working with people and providing her vital services with new people each day. While her home Notary office is in Pismo Beach she enjoys being mobile and providing her notary services to clients in escrow/title offices, mortgage lender offices, clients homes, hospitals, nursing homes, hospice care, court houses or wherever else her clients need to sign. "I am grateful and love that I provide Notarial services to clients and businesses along the beautiful Central Coast." Sandra says about her mobile service.

Each client's circumstances and requirements are unique. It is imperative to select a Notary Public who is professional, has the credentials and expertise to successfully Notarize the documents and also be able to understand, connect and adjust to the client’s personality and circumstances.

Notary Services

Some of the documents Sandra works with:

  • Loan Documents
  • Mortgage Loan Documents: Purchase, Refinance, Commercial and Reverse Mortgage
  • Trusts and Living Trusts
  • Power of Attorney
  • Titles/Bill of Sale
  • Marriage License
  • Last Will and Testament
  • Divorce Decree
  • Bank, Pension and Investment Forms
  • Acknowledgments and Affidavits

Sandra says "As long as I have a solid surface to sign documents, I can literally sign anywhere that is most convenient for the client. I once signed a farmer’s documents on the hood of his truck in his strawberry field."

Sandra strives to challenge herself in all that she does. She once provided Notary services for an elderly couple in a rural area, who had nine (9) sets of Mortgage Loan Document packages to sign, which needed to be signed and completed back to back in one signing and returned to the Title and Escrow company the same day.

Notary Signing Agent

To obtain her Notary Commission, Sandra completed a course of study approved by the California Secretary of State and completed and passed a written exam prescribed by the California Secretary of State. She also passed an extensive Background Check. To become a Notary Signing Agent, Sandra initially completed a course of study also approved by the California Secretary of State, passed a written exam prescribed by the California Secretary of State and passed another extensive Background Check. As a Notary Signing Agent, she must complete this process every year for renewal.

Certified Signature - Sandra A. Sansoni
s.sansoninotary@gmail.com or 805.459.3070